10 Tips to instantly improve Website Performance

Tips to improve Website Performance

10 Tips to instantly improve Website Performance

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10 Tips to instantly improve Website Performance

In today’s digital era, there are millions of websites penetrated every day for various reasons. In some cases, many of these websites are clunky and distressing to use. Website Performance is afflicted with various issues including slow loading time, being non-user-friendly, not mobile responsive, browser variance, and so on.

Nowadays we have a large number of case studies which showcase the benefits of having a fast site ( less loading time). In this guide, I’ve tried to pull everything that will ensure you to improve your website’s performance.

Optimizing your page speed can be a greedy process, that is one of the kinds like running on a treadmill. There will always be a closed loop for improvement, so when should we be satisfied? By focusing on proper coding, optimized images, minimizing external links, cleaning up broken links, implementing a CDN, and a few other methods, that can adequately increase the speed and overall performance of your website. Web Magix

Proper customization of a website is required to produce acceptable results. In order to generate good revenue to your business, increase the traffic and engage the visitors, the only way is the website should be of excellent speed and eye-catchy. Website performance and loading speed play a vital role in getting sales conversions.

Why website performance is more important nowadays than ever before?

Nowadays peoples are completely switching from desktop to laptops. Most of the people don’t compromise with the slow loading website. Internet users are less tolerant for the slow websites than they have ever been. Similarly, if your website needs high traffic and you need to engage the people through your website means a better way to follow is you need to develop a website which is bug-free and fully optimized.

It’s essential to make website performance a priority because poor performance may result in poor user experience. In order to provide the most excellent, fast and efficient user experience to your clients, here are the key strategies for enhancing your website:

Tips to improve Website Performance

1. Dedicated Web hosting

Dedicated web hosting can improve the website performance and it initiates to achieve better speed. The website should be run on optimum performance, it should be scalable and it should integrate better with the cloud server and offers excellent service round the clock.

2. Optimize images

Images are the core elements of the website. An optimum size of the image is necessary for a good performance. Some websites are heavily dependent on graphics and the images are not compressed, it will slow down the website performance. Using of CDN can be helpful to resolve the issue and it allows users to save the large size files while maintaining high-quality images.

3. Make your website User-Friendly

The benefit of creating a user-friendly website is it improves SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) ranking and also allows the mobile users to drive towards your website. It means a lot that larger the number of mobile users, higher will be the conversion rates. Use Google’s Mobile Website Auditor to check the weather the website is compatible with mobile or not.

4. Reduce external HTTP Requests

In many cases, the resources are fetched with either an HTTP or HTTPS web address that decreases the speed, means that the less number of requests, the better performance of your website. Eliminate the features that don’t improve the experience of your visitor’s.

HTTP requests can affect various key metrics that regulates how engaged your audience is with your business. You can boost your website by streamlining the design and the coding elements. Here are a few techniques:

a. Use Image sprinting: Image sprinting is a technique that combines multiple images into a single image file. Image sprinting will reduce the number of HTTP or HTTPS requests and it saves the bandwidth

b. Combine CSS file together: Every CSS file you use for your website adds the fewer of HTTP request that the website usually needs, and sometimes it is unavoidable. In most of the crucial cases, you can usually merge multiple CSS files together.

c. Remove unnecessary images: You should have some of the files which are taking the longest time to load, which includes image files as well. The easiest and the familiar way to reduce the number of request files is to eliminate unnecessary images. Images play an important role in the webpage asset because they make a strong visual experience for your webpages.

5. Incorporate Social Media into your Website design

The social media includes certain social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Such Social media platforms allow businesses to directly coordinate with your customers. Ensure that you include your social media icons for all of your social media accounts which are associated with it.

6. Upgraded Content

Content is called the king for the website. The content flow on the website should be logical and unique. Proper quotations & references should be used for the blogs on the website. The articles and blogs should have the author’s credentials. The content on the website should be frequently updated according to the need. The font size and font style used for writing the content should be interactive and simple.

7. SEO Optimized Content

The website should be Search Engine Optimization flexible so that you will get high rankings in the SERP’s. SEO will establish the use of proper keywords, backlinks, hashtags, Alt text, title tags will increase the ranking of your website in search engine results and it will make your website performance better. Higher rankings mean nothing but the higher traffic for your website, higher traffic increases lead and will be helpful for more number of conversions.

8. Bypass Popups

Popup blockers are mainly designed by developers for some of the other reason. Popups are really troublesome. Hence, pop-ups must be completely bypassed on your website and also control annoying graphics. A website becomes user-friendly and a better performed website only when it is free from all types of distractions.

9. Clear your database

One of the pitfalls with Website is that your database can get very sloppy due to saved drafts, deactivated plugins, etc. An optimizing plugin is a fantastic tool that routinely deletes all of the messy stuff you don’t need that’s disturbing up your database. Cleaning up the messy files in the website, speed up the time it takes for surfing.

10. Fix all the broken links

Broken links are not only a ditch on bandwidth, but they’re also one of the assured ways to get a user to leave your site. Need to decrease the broken links and need to add Alt text to the images so that the website performance will be better and fixing of broken links will decrease the bounce rate.

Follow the 10 simple points which have been mentioned above to ensure that everything on your website is optimized and running effectively. Your customers will thank you with many happy notes!

Therefore, a well-designed website with all the above-stated functionality will surely increase your business. I would suggest all the business owners give a small consideration for their website design so that it will reflect in a positive manner in their business endeavors.

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